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Here's what's changed, and what's coming up, in H1Z1 on PlayStation 4

"We've brought a ton of content and features to the game."

Daybreak Games has outlined what's coming next to H1Z1 on PlayStation 4.

Producer Terrence Yee joined lead designer Mike Madden in a developer update to thank the "12 million plus" players who participated in the open beta, and outlined what's coming next to the free-to-play battle royale game, including a new arcade mode, new weapons, new challenges, and leaderboards, too.

Cover image for YouTube videoH1Z1: Battle Royale - PlayStation 4 Developer Update

Daybreak will be extending the range of weapons with a new selection of guns for "short-, medium- and long-range combat". The team has also used feedback to improve "vehicles, gas damage, and weapon balance".

"Since our launch on PlayStation 4 we've brought a ton of content and features to the game," Madden said. "The most notable additions include Season One of the new Battle Pass, two new weapons with the RPG 7 and M1 SOCOM and a new vehicle with the ARV. Additional updates include PlayStation trophies, and other quality-of-life improvements."

Arcade mode has arrived on PlayStation 4, too, kicking off with "Shotties and Snipers", a mode that - predictably enough - restricts all weapon spawns to just shotguns and sniper rifles.

To thank players for their beta feedback, a new skin - the Wildstyle Marauder - will unlock for everyone who logs in and plays one match before the end of today PT time (which is 8am tomorrow, 27th August, UK time).

From the comments on the YouTube video, it seems as though third-person perspective shooting remains high on the wishlist of fans.

H1Z1 is free-to-play on PlayStation 4 and PC now.

Daybreak Games recently announced it will be shutting down Just Survive in October, stating that it was "no longer in a position to fulfill its greatness and the current population of the game makes it untenable to maintain".