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PUBG Xbox One full release adds Sanhok map, but not War Mode

Smoke and miramars.

PUBG's latest Xbox One update is now live, meaning console players are - at long last - able to play the full product version of the game.

The main change included in update 1.0 is the addition of PUBG's jungle map, Sanhok, with all its requisite guns and vehicles. There are a number of other changes, too - the Event Pass, for instance, should allow Xbox players to unlock premium loot and take on exclusive challenges (if it's anything like the PC version).

And, because it's PUBG, there's also a fair number of bug fixes.

Some players, however, have noted some things are missing from the update - namely, War Mode and Custom Match. Reddit users complainedPUBG Corp had implied both of these modes would be available in update 1.0., and indeed, the company's announcement at Gamescom seemed to suggest this would be the case.

In today's patch notes, PUBG Corp explained it will stagger the release of Sanhok, War Mode and Custom Match "to let each contents have enough attention from [their] players, so players won't be divided having a long matchmaking time for each content". War Mode will be made available as a weekend event in late September, while Custom Match will arrive mid-October.

Update 1.0 marks PUBG's graduation from Xbox Game Preview - Microsoft's early access program - which PUBG first joined in December 2017. PUBG Corp has said the update "marks a new chapter in the PUBG journey" - so we can probably expect further beefy patches along the road.

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