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Insomniac details Spider-Man's post-launch story DLC The City That Never Sleeps

UPDATE: Black Cat debuts in latest trailer.

UPDATE 3/9/18: Ahead of Spider-Man's PlayStation 4 release this Friday, September 7th, Insomniac has unveiled a brand-new teaser trailer for the game's upcoming story DLC, The City That Never Sleeps.

The teaser's notable for the fact that it offers a first look at Insomniac's interpretation of fan favourite character Felicia Hardy, otherwise known as Black Cat. As the developer revealed last week, Hardy's presence will be felt during the base game, but players won't encounter her directly without playing through the The City That Never Sleeps' first episode, The Heist.

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That's due to arrive on October 23rd, with later instalments Spider-Man: Turf Wars and Spider-Man: Silver Lining launching in November and December.

ORIGINAL STORY 28/8/18: Spider-Man returns to PS4 next week, on September 7th, in Insomniac Games' highly anticipated web-flinging open-world action caper - and now, in the run up to release, the developer has outlined its post-launch DLC plans.

Following its release, Spider-Man will receive three individual story DLC episodes, all falling under the Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps banner. The first instalment, known as Spider-Man: The Heist, arrives on October 23rd and focusses its action on the return of Felicia Hardy, otherwise known as Black Cat.

According to Insomniac's new PlayStation Blog post, clues about Black Cat's return are scattered throughout the base game, but you'll need to play The Heist for her proper reveal. This first episode, says the developer, will include new missions and challenges, a brand-new faction of enemies, plus three additional suits to unlock.

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The final two episodes in the City That Never Sleeps saga are titled Spider-Man: Turf Wars and Spider-Man: Silver Lining. Although Insomniac hasn't yet fully detailed their contents, it has revealed that they'll arrive in November and December respectively.

Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps is included in the Digital Deluxe Edition of Spider-Man on PS4, and will, presumably, also be made available to purchase separately.

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