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Someone's remade Nintendo Labo with Lego, and it works

Brick your console.

Nintendo Labo is pretty sturdy for something made entirely out of cardboard - but it's a platform designed to be played with and experimented on. So what better marriage of ideas than a mix of Labo with Lego - a construction toy created with the same sense of creativity in mind.

Step up designer Vimar Patel, who has made Lego versions of the Labo piano, motorbike and fishing rod which fit the Switch's Joy-Con controllers perfectly - albeit with a small amount of 3D-printing. Here's a video of Patel's creations in action (thanks, The Verge).

Best of all, it works!

Cover image for YouTube videoLEGO + Nintendo Labo experiments

Nintendo could have chosen any material for Labo - there's no reason it has to be cardboard. The movement-detecting technology it is based around is all built in to the Joy-Con controllers, via their IR sensor and gyros. Nintendo simply chose cardboard because it is (relatively) cheap and convenient.

Of course, you'll still need to buy the Nintendo Labo sets themselves for the mini-games to actually use your creations with, but if you have some spare Lego lying around the house, upgrading your Labo seems fairly simple.

Hey Lego, how about an official version?