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20 years after Virtual Boy, Nintendo Switch gets VR mode via new Labo kit

Eye toy.

Nintendo's next Labo kit will turn the Switch into a pair of virtual reality goggles.

Toycon #4 VR Kit was announced this morning, and is due on 12th April. The main construction build is a set of held goggles which hold your Nintendo Switch console, and allow you to peer in. It's very Google Cardboard.

It's Nintendo's first VR headset since the Virtual Boy, the company's pioneering but problem-filled VR console released and quickly discontinued back in 1995.

There's plenty of other builds included in the kit as well, which take the form of attachments to the goggles such as the Blaster, Camera, Bird, Elephant and Wind Pedal:

You can alternatively buy smaller kits with combinations of the above - a starter pack with the goggles and Blaster, and expansion packs with the Camera and Elephant, or Bird and Wind Pedal.

We're yet to find out about the mini-games these will relate to. We're also waiting to see pricing go live.

Perhaps mindful of the Virtual Boy and initial 3DS controversy, Nintendo has made all games playable in 2D as well. In fact, the product listing states the kit's VR mode is for ages "7+".

"Users can easily turn off the VR feature and use the included Screen Holder instead of the Toy-Con VR Goggles to enjoy any of the included games and experiences in 2D," the small print reads.

Nintendo rounds off by promising the Labo series' brilliant Garage mode will return for the VR kit, with more details to follow.

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