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Tom Champion hosts our annual (never to be repeated) Summer Drought Quiz!

Hello Eurogamer readers! It's the Podcast #120. Tom here! No, not that one. No, not that one. Yes, that's right. We should stop hiring Toms.

This week, valiant podcast host Tom Champion marshals myself and amazingly-bearded Eurogamer designer Martin Taylor into action behind the microphone.

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We were going to talk about games - yes, those things - but it doesn't look like there's any out. We're in the annual summer drought, except without the summery part.

So instead, Champion tries (and fails) to turn the Podcast into a quiz, pitting the wits of Eurogamer's editorial team (me! yay!) against the cold, hard and binary world of the tech folks (Martin, boo!).

Inevitable hijinks, huffiness and name-calling commence.

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, and we apologise in advance for the following material.

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