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Halo 4 to support Microsoft Surface tablets

Anything Wii U can do, Microsoft can do too?

Microsoft will include support for its new Surface tablet within Xbox 360 shooter Halo 4.

Microsoft exec Don Mattress confirmed the feature last night at the GameBeat 2012 conference, VentureBeat reported.

How Surface tablets will integrate with Halo 4 is unknown, although its likely Microsoft will utilise the company's wireless SmartGlass technology shown off at E3.

That would enable Surface tablets to be used as a secondary touch-screen display for the game.

Getting such a concept working for a game released this year would be a huge boon for Microsoft. The Wii U's GamePad, Nintendo's own tablet controller, requires an entirely new console to use.

Halo 4 launches for Xbox 360 on 6th November. Nintendo is tipped to deploy its new hardware around the same time.

Touch screen controls? Or just maps and stats?

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