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Slender: Source mod on the way

Four players, no weapons, one Slender Man.

Earlier this month we wrote about the terrifying free horror game Slender, and now a team of modders are developing their own spin on the urban legend as a Half-Life 2 mod with Slender: Source

The developers have credited Parsec Productions' Slender as their primary inspiration and seek to make a very similar experience, only this time with co-op.

Four players will assume the role of teenagers dared to investigate the Slender legend who find themselves in over their heads when the stories end up being true. Whoops!

Instead of pages as in Slender, you'll be tasked with collecting 15 creepy dolls resembling children. The game will transpire across two maps; a forest and an abandoned hospital, but there are plans to make further levels post-release with an estimated of eight in total.

As was the case in Slender, you'll be completely unarmed.

Some may be concerned that having multiplayer will take away from the scares, but the devs likened it to Left 4 Dead and Day Z. "You'll know that the co-op feature in those scenarios don't necessarily deprive the game from scaring the players. The Slenderman will still scare you, even if your friends are watching your back. No direction is safe, no areas are safe. You're vulnerable everywhere."

While no release date has been announced the developers would like to have an open beta out by the end of the year.

If you'd like to contribute to the project, the modders are accepting animated character models for the Slender Man himself on their ModDB page.

Check out the first screens of the project below.

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