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Total War: Rome 2 live-action video evokes Gladiator

"Are you not entertained?"

On my signal, do your best to evoke Gladiator!

That's the message in this live action Total War: Rome 2 video. Sandals! Sex! Praetorians! And Togas. This could be a montage from Gladiator.

That's a testament to the production values. Praetorians here are dirty and battle scarred, and fires burn in the night around them. A bed scene is shot from a voyeuristic angle behind netted drapes, as a red-headed lady makes love to some bloke or other on a four-poster bed.

Ah, memories.

A soldier slumps to his knees. A man in a toga proffers his hand and ring for another to kiss. An eyebrow is raised.

Swords and daggers are drawn.

"How far will you go for Rome?"

Total War: Rome 2 was announced yesterday, and all our friends, Romans and countrymen cheered. Eurogamer's Total War: Rome 2 preview can be lapped up elsewhere on the site.

Developer Creative Assembly will be at Brighton game show Rezzed this weekend giving a presentation about its latest game. Tickets are still available.

Sometimes the cold sticks the blade.