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Microsoft secures rights to Xbox 8 domains

Turn it on its side and the possibilities are Infinite.

Microsoft has secured the rights to Xbox 8 domains.

The mega-corporation won two disputes filed in May with the National Arbitration Forum over domains owned by Chinese resident Cheng Juan, Fusible reports.

Microsoft is now the owners of domains XboxPhone.com, XboxTablet.com, XboxLiveTV.com, XboxCompanion.com, Xbox8.us and Xbox8.org.

Obtaining the Xbox 8 domains may be nothing more than a defensive IP protection measure, but speculation has already begun that it relates to the name of the next Xbox.

Fuelling this speculation is the Windows 8 operating system, due to launch later this year. The next Xbox will reportedly use a form of Windows 8 to facilitate Microsoft's multi-screen strategy.

And then there's Xbox Infinity, one of a number of names suggested for the next Xbox. Turn 8 on its side and you get the infinity symbol.

Other rumoured next Xbox names include Xbox 720, Xbox Loop and Project 10. It is codenamed Durango.

Pending cases in domain disputes include Xboxliverewards.com, Xboxsports.com, Xboxsmartglass.com and Xboxmusic.com. As Fusible notes, so far no complaint has been filed against the owners of Xbox8.com, also registered to a resident of China.

Eurogamer has contacted Microsoft for comment.