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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger returns

Krome Studios announces the sequel we all deserve.

A new entry in the 3D platformer series Ty the Tasmanian Tiger has been teased by franchise creator Krome Studios.

An image on the Australian developer's site - shown below - cryptically announced a new project to coincide with the series' 10th anniversary. No platform has been announced.

The original Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was a released in 2002 on PS2, Gamecube and Xbox where it received middling reviews. Eurogamer elder Kristan Reed was actually around back then to review it where he gave it a 5/10.

"Despite Ty being one of the most generic, formulaic games we've ever seen, its thievery of the Jak & Daxter mission structure makes it a much more compelling prospect than you could possibly expect, given all the obvious lack of inspiration on display," he said. "If that still sounds entertaining to you, then good luck to you and Ty. You truly deserve one another."

We didn't think any better of its 2004 sequel, which oldschool Eurogamer contributor Patrick Garratt also deemed a 5/10.

Krome's more recent 2010 outing Blade Kitten showed sign of improvement to the point where Reed awarded in an 8/10. "If Blade Kitten is a signal of intent for Atari's ongoing digital reinvention, then the future looks bright for all concerned," he said in his appraisal.