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Fake Dishonored movie trailer praised by game's creator

Done right, Uwe Boll them over.

We could get excited about a Dishonored movie if its trailer was as rousing as this fake.

Even Dishonored creative director Harvey Smith liked it. "This Dishonored movie trailer makes me [love] the internet," he tweeted.

This fake Dishonored movie trailer was made by the ominously-named YouTube user Bloodrunsclear.

It's a montage of clips plundered from various films. Was that a bit of V for Vendetta we saw? Did we spot Perfume: The Story of a Murderer?

The adroitly stitched together trailer convincingly captured the dark mood and period setting of Dishonored, as well as the story of revenge.

Dishonored, remember, follows the story of a supernatural assassin who is wrongly accused of the Empress' death.

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