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Dishonored is getting the tabletop RPG treatment later this year

By the team behind Star Trek Adventures.

Dishonored, developer Arkane Studios' sublime stealthy action-adventure series, is getting the tabletop RPG treatment later this year, courtesy of Modiphius Entertainment.

The Dishonored Roleplaying Game, as it's known, will initially be released in the form of a 300-page hardback Corebook, containing everything players need to begin their steampunk-inspired adventures across the Empire of the Isles.

According to Modiphius, the Corebook features an in-depth look at Dishonored's world, its history, and its people, plus a comprehensive storytelling guide. The latter includes rules for playing as various roles - which range from "grim assassins and rugged criminals, to intrepid explorers and stoic crown loyalists" - alongside antagonists and story hooks for inspiration.

The Dishonored Roleplaying Game's 300-page Corebook.

There's also a four-act mini-campaign titled The Oil Trail, which is designed as an introduction to the rat-infested City of Dunwall.

Dishonored's tabletop RPG has been adapted from the video games by Nathan Dowdell, the rules developer behind Modiphius' Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of and Star Trek Adventures. It'll employ a version of the company's 2d20 game system, streamlined to suit faster-paced storytelling and to incorporate Chaos mechanics and Void powers.

Modiphius says it's collaborated closely with Dishonored's co-creative director Harvey Smith to create the tabletop experience, and that a "diverse selection of writers and artists" are involved with the project, some of which previously worked on the video games.

The Dishonored Roleplaying Game is currently scheduled to launch sometime this summer, and will arrive alongside various accessories, including custom dice and cards.

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