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Tribes: Ascend Twinfusor update goes live

Video shows off new weapon, maps.

Hi-Rez has released the Twinfusor update for free-to-play shooter Tribes: Ascend.

It adds a party system, makes balance adjustments (to make explosive devices more lethal), adds new cosmetic items and, of course, adds the Twinfusor weapon, which fires two disks in quick succession per reload. Each disk does a little less damage, but two shots per reload means it's good for clearing flag stands. The Twinfusor comes in light, medium and heavy flavours.

Also introduced are voice packs, which you can purchase and apply to override all your Voice Game System (VGS) commands. So, if you've always wanted a female voice, now's your chance.

Also added today are two new Capture the Flag maps: Permafrost (which has an indoor flag stand) and Dangerous Crossing (a port of a famous Tribes map).

For the patch notes in full, head to the EGMNOW website.

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