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Gollum out-damages Gandalf in MOBA game Guardians of Middle-Earth

But doesn't quite run Rings around him.

Dexterous little wimp Gollum has been beefed up to go toe-to-toe with some of The Lord of the Rings big boys in Guardians of Middle-Earth, an online battle arena game for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Therefore, Gollum's not only more powerful than you remember him from the books, or the films - he's one of the most vicious characters in the game.

Each character is rated by three bars: Survivability, Damage and Difficulty.

Gollum's Survivability bar is very, very low, due to low health and low resistances. But his Damage bar is nearly full. Therefore, he's classed as one of the more difficult characters to play as.

Gollum's "finely tuned to kill quickly with hit and run tactics". The abilities shown in the below video were "We Are Starved", which roots targets and channels their health; "My Precious", a flurry of attacks that has no cooldown if it results in a kill; and "Coward", which purges harmful effects and grants a speed bonus to help you run away.

Gandalf, one of the most powerful characters in The Lord of the Rings fiction, is a bit bland by comparison.

He's an enchanter and he's wise enough to wield an Elven Ring of Power, which we presume is some kind of power up. And he fights with a staff and a sword.

Gandalf has high health and resistances, which makes his Survivability much better than Gollum's. His Damage is a fraction less than Gollum's, however, but also very high.

Gandalf is "perfect" against large formations, due to his sustained "Fireworks" area-of-effect attack. He also has a "Flame of Anor" personal shield, which means he can effectively tank enemies.

Guardians of Middle-Earth will be released this autumn.

Gandalf or Gollum?

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