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Guardians of Middle-Earth release dates clarified

UPDATE: Warner responds.

Update #2: Re-clarification alert! Warner seems to have changed its mind. The 4th December release date for Guardians of Middle-Earth is only for PSN, and the XBLA date is TBC, Warner told me today.

"Guardians of Middle-earth will release 4th December on PlayStation Network and on PlayStation 3 at retail on December 7th. The release on Xbox Live Arcade will be confirmed at a later date."

I asked whether Warner meant 5th December (Wednesday) for Europe instead of 4th December (Tuesday), due to the European PlayStation Store updating each week on a Wednesday. But Warner wouldn't budge from the 4th. (I'd pencil in 5th if I were you.)

Update #1: Warner has clarified the Guardians of Middle-Earth release date confusion. The Xbox Live Arcade version will be released globally on 4th December. There won't be a retail Xbox 360 version.

The PSN version of Guardians of Middle-Earth will arrive here on Wednesday, 5th December. A PS3 retail version of the game will be released on 7th December.

Original story: Tolkien-themed MOBA Guardians of Middle-Earth will be released 4th December on PlayStation Network for £11.99, and 7th December for PlayStation 3 in shops priced £24.99.

Note 4th December is a Tuesday; the Euro PSN release will probably be 5th December - a Wednesday.

Yes this picture will do.

Xbox 360 dates are less concrete. The press release says "autumn" for the Xbox Live Arcade version (1200 MSP) and doesn't mention a shop version at all.

The price discrepancy on PS3 comes from shop-bought copies containing more stuff. Specifically, that's pre-paid discounted access to DLC, PSN vouchers worth £24.99 and a GOME Season Pass.

DLC will include game maps, a gameplay mode and "several" extra characters.

Some of those characters will be in The Hobbit film, which comes out on 14th December.