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Guardians of Middle-earth review

Guardians of Middle-earth review

When two towers just aren't enough.

There was no getting around it. As a multiplayer online battle arena - or MOBA, as League of Legends and its ilk like to be known - based on The Lord of the Rings, Guardians of Middle-earth was always going to have Gandalf fighting Galadriel. A buffed Gollum killing Legolas. Some pro hobbit from the mystical land of Detroit killing the Witch-king of Angmar, over and over again. That's chemical nerdicide potent enough to make me, just a casual fan of the films, feel a bit like a child being touched inappropriately by an elderly relative.

On the other hand, Guardians of Middle-earth certainly captures Tolkien's legendary pacing like none of the action games before it. Characters trudge heavily around the battleground, their pace pedestrian enough to make just the thought of hiking around to upgrade your team's towers fill you with Mordor's own dread.

But it's all for a good cause. Maybe you've never played a MOBA, so let's take it from the top. The translation of the MOBA to consoles was always going to be a little tricky. In the classic sense, with League of Legends and Dota, it works like this:

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Guardians of Middle-Earth release dates clarified

Update #2: Re-clarification alert! Warner seems to have changed its mind. The 4th December release date for Guardians of Middle-Earth is only for PSN, and the XBLA date is TBC, Warner told me today.

"Guardians of Middle-earth will release 4th December on PlayStation Network and on PlayStation 3 at retail on December 7th. The release on Xbox Live Arcade will be confirmed at a later date."

I asked whether Warner meant 5th December (Wednesday) for Europe instead of 4th December (Tuesday), due to the European PlayStation Store updating each week on a Wednesday. But Warner wouldn't budge from the 4th. (I'd pencil in 5th if I were you.)

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