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Rock, Paper, Shotgun doing "panel game quiz show thing" at Rezzed

"The 5th Annual International RPS Indie Mud Wrestling Championships"

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As you probably know by now, our amazing new PC and indie games event Rezzed takes place this Friday and Saturday in Brighton! As you probably also know, we're not doing it alone - we're working in conjunction with our friends at Rock, Paper, Shotgun to make sure it has all the appropriate PC street cred.

The RPS guys will be wandering around the show, so you can meet them (and us!), but they are also planning to put on a couple of special events as part of our developer sessions schedule. One is a Gamejam, where a few carefully chosen developers get together on-stage and try to design a game together in half an hour.

The other, announced today, is The 5th Annual International RPS Indie Mud Wrestling Championships. Although it should be noted that this session will not involve any actual mud-wrestling (this should particularly be noted by the organisers), it will see two teams made up of developers and RPS hacks competing in what quizmasterhost John Walker is describing as "a panel game quiz show thing". Head to RPS for more details.

It's taking place at 11am on the Saturday, when you'll definitely want to be at Rezzed anyway for the rest of the schedule, which includes Splash Damage's Paul Wedgwood, Introversion Software, Day Z's Dean Hall and more. All the details - and tickets - are available at

There's so much going on that I haven't got time to recount it all again, but a couple of things I'm particularly looking forward to are Peter Molyneux's dev session (Friday 4pm) and playing Borderlands 2 (playable for the first time in the UK). There's much more. Check the site and hopefully we'll see you on Friday and/or Saturday!

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