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Rewrite the record books, RuneScape has passed 200 million registered users

Are you sure you don't care?

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Regardless of whether you consider it a proper MMO or not, RuneScape today achieved something no other free-to-play online MMORPG ever has - 200 million registered users.

To mark the occasion, filthy rich developer Jagex - a real British story of success (if we're being serious) - twisted years of RuneScape stats into an infographic.

If RuneScape were a country with 200 million people, it would be the fifth most populated country of the whole wide world - and one 3.21 times more populated than the UK.

Since RuneScape began, way back in the dark ages of 2001, more than 443 billion minutes have been poured into the game.

Every day, 150 dragons are killed - there's no mention of princesses rescued. Every second, there are 10 LOLs and 27 deaths.

Every five-and-a-half weeks, enough wood is chopped to build a digital bridge to Earth's moon.

Every year, eight billion fish are caught. If you stuck those together, snout-to-arse, your fishy Congo line could encircle Earth 20 times.

Jagex will celebrate this milestone in RuneScape for three days. There's a new demon with 200 million hit points to be killed, but he can only be felled with a unique weapon. Succeed, and you'll be rewarded with a unique item.

Jagex has also erected a mini-website for the occasion, with an timeline to chart the game's decade of evolution, and some testimonial videos from the community.

Jagex hasn't released a big game since RuneScape. MechScape was to be the big follow-up, but it was scrapped and reformed as Stellar Dawn, but that was suspended earlier this year.

Jagex is now working on browser MMO Transformers Universe, which should be out sometime this year.

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