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The Secret World's first monthly update detailed

Issue #1: Unleashed to include new missions, marketplace.

Just-launched MMO The Secret World will recieve its first free payload of new content on 31st July, with the release of Issue #1: Unleashed.

Seven new missions and a marketplace will be added.

Issue #1: Unleashed.

The Ankh and Hell Fallen dungeons will be unlocked for Nightmare Mode play, meanwhile, offering increased challenges but higher rewards.

The Marketplace will allow you buy, sell, trade and ship items to other players and is an "integral" to the world's growing economy, developer Funcom said.

"Of course, issue #1 is jam-packed with other updates and changes - and astute players may even notice the ongoing construction in New York, London and Seoul, as new tenants prepare to move in," a Funcom spokesperson revealed.

"The Secret World is a living world, and it will keep growing and changing through this issue and all upcoming, monthly issues."

Stand by for Eurogamer's verdict on the game - our The Secret World review will be going live shortly.

The Secret World.

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The Secret World

Xbox 360, PC

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