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Halo 4's Forge being developed by Certain Affinity

Anvil you like it?

The mapmaking Forge mode of Halo 4 will be developed by Creative Affinity - the studio that collaborated on the recent remake of Halo 1, as well as made extra maps for Halo: Reach.

"That's right," the team tweeted from the Rooster Teeth Expo at the weekend. "Certain Affinity‬ has been working with ‪Master Chief‬ again on ‪Halo 4‬."

Certain Affinity's Forge work was shown during a Halo 4 panel that Polygon watched. Revealed was a new and nifty Player Trait Zone, which alters game rules - run speed, jump height, damage reduction, etc. - within a user-defined field.

There's a new Grav Volume field that tampers with gravity, too.

Polygon also saw an "unfinished" UI that had "a tonne" of new user-friendly functions. Objects can now be locked in placed, "easily" duplicated and magnetised to stick to each other. Objects also light up green and display their name when you move the cursor over them. There's a new lighting system as well.

Halo, Halo, Halo.

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