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Mutant Blobs Attack Steam in August

Charming Vita platformer coming to PC

The previous Vita exclusive platformer Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is coming to PC via Steam on 15th August.

The successor to Drinkbox's PS3 exclusive Tales From Space: About A Blob, Mutant Blobs Attack is the delightful tale of an alien blob that escapes a lab only to terrorise a 50s era slice of Americana. Much like the Katamari Damacy series, the titular blob gradually increases in size by absorbing matter like chips, people, tanks... you name it.

The PC version will contain updated minigame levels specifically crafted for the platform, as well as more jokes, new high-res art and gamepad support.

Our Johnny Minkley was fond of the game, awarding it an 8/10. "It sits alongside MotorStorm RC as one of the budget-priced surprises and delights of Vita's launch. As soon as I'd finished rattling through it I was hungry for more, so I sincerely hope it's supported with further courses of content," he wrote in his Mutant Blobs Attack review.

He added, "I'd never paid any attention to Drinkbox or its games previously. I won't be making that mistake in future."

Speaking of Drinkbox's future, the next game in its pipeline in the Mexican-themed Metroidvania adventure Guacamelee!

For now, feast your eyes on this new trailer for the PC version of Mutant Blobs Attack.

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