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Steam Summer Sale is now live

You don't need to eat for a month, right?

As rumoured the other day, the Steam Summer Sale is now upon us.

Between now and 22nd July thousands of games will see massive price reductions, often by over half.

Current highlights include the Portal 2 and Total War: Shogun 2 franchises being 75 per cent off, Legend of Grimrock at 60 per cent off and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at half off.

Additionally, "community choice" sales - wherein users vote on deals - is updated every eight hours.

Currently $49.99 will get players the complete Valve collection, a 29 game Square-Enix bundle, a Bethesda anthology, or 15 THQ titles. That last one is 84 per cent off.

EA recently claimed these sales "cheapens your intellectual property."

Valve responded, "If we thought having a 75 per cent sale on Portal 2 would cheapen Portal 2, we wouldn't do it."

But they did do it. So go forth and take advantage of it.

Portal 2

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