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Tokyo Jungle is now a manga

Comic jumper.

Tokyo Jungle is being adapted into a comic series in the game's homeland of Japan.

The manga will premiere in the upcoming September issue of Japanese boy's comic magazine Champion Red, due for release tomorrow.

A promotional image - featured below - debuted on Champion Red's official site, where Andriasang translated the first issue's title to mean "Tokyo Jungle: Little Lion Heart." It seems to star a Pomeranian puppy in a vest.

Sony's PlayStation 3 exclusive about animals fighting for survival after the fall of man has been confirmed for a Western release, though no dates have been announced.

To find out more about the game, check out our Tokyo Jungle preview from E3, where yours truly said, "Based on my 30 minutes with Tokyo Jungle I can say that it's surreal, quirky, funny, exciting, stressful, violent, and even quite sad... The world of Tokyo Jungle is a harsh one indeed, but it's also beautiful, filled with wonder, warmth, and humour. It's a refreshingly adorable apocalypse."

Tokyo Jungle: Little Lion Heart.