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Grand Theft Auto 4 elephant mod adds wild Tokyo Jungle flavour

Worth a look, no lion.

You've probably seen Eurogamer ramble on about Tokyo Jungle, Sony Japan's bonkers urban safari game that certain staff have fallen in love with.

Well, there's an familiar whiff of the wild in this Grand Theft Auto 4 PC mod, which finally lets you become an elephant in Liberty City.

It is, admittedly, a little rough around the edges. But there's a certain charm to seeing the slightly deformed elephantine character trot about, especially when "High Movement Speed" is set to "on".

There's a particularly good shot of a motorbike jump around the 4:30 mark, before a parachuting sequence a minute or so later.

You can download the mod from GTA4-Mods. There's a giraffe option, too.

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