Tokyo Jungle


Tokyo Jungle getting top-down PlayStation Mobile port

UPDATE: Headed to North America next week - first screenshot shown.

Sony's initial response to Tokyo Jungle was "bad"

"There weren't so many people that thought this game would sell just based on the concept."

Review | Tokyo Jungle review

Dog eat dog eat monkey eat pig eat crocodile etc.

Tokyo Jungle sequel could head to Croydon

"If we were to make that, would it sell?"

Tokyo Jungle release date suggests PSN-only Western launch

UPDATE: Sony confirms, announces price.

Japan chart: Tokyo Jungle takes the top spot

Plus, Gundam gives Vita sales a boost.

Video | Lollipop Chainsaw's Suda 51 plays Tokyo Jungle

Post-apocalyptic wildlife fighter gets grizzly.

Tokyo Jungle has elephants on roller skates

Dogs with sumo wrestler's belts, too.

Video | New Tokyo Jungle PS3 trailer

It's an animal Royal Rumble!

Sony reveals new Tokyo Jungle screenshots

Japanese release to prowl PS3 in June.

Tokyo Jungle confirmed for EU PSN

Mad Chihuahua vs T-Rex scrapper incoming.

Tokyo Jungle

Oh baby it's a wild world.

Tokyo Jungle

Animal attraction.

Video | Tokyo Jungle trailer

A concrete place dreams are made of.

Sony unveils Tokyo Jungle for PS3

Make elephants fight cheetahs, etc.