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Tokyo Jungle review

Dog eat dog eat monkey eat pig eat crocodile etc.

VideoLollipop Chainsaw's Suda 51 plays Tokyo Jungle

Post-apocalyptic wildlife fighter gets grizzly.

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Does the world seem just a little bit closer to apocalypse now than it did five years ago? Perhaps that's why I recently became so obsessed with Tokyo Jungle, the beastly post-cataclysm survival sim that on its initial release in 2012 was generally viewed as an idiosyncratic throwback rather than a giant evolutionary leap forward. Developed by Japanese studio Crispy's, it was a PlayStation 3 exclusive that ruffled a few feathers but did not seem to leave much of a cultural paw-print. Depending on who you talked to, it was either too weird, or too basic, or somehow both of those things simultaneously.

Games of 2012: Tokyo Jungle

Animal passions.

It's a dog-eat-dog kind of world out there. Not literally, in the case of Tokyo Jungle: cannibalism is one of the game's few taboos. But the fiery Pomeranian will happily bite his kin to death, even if he's forbidden from chowing down on the furry corpse thereafter. Figuratively then, it's a dog-eat-dog world. Literally? Well, literally Tokyo Jungle is more a dog-eat-cat, dog-eat-deer, dog-eat-hippopotamus, dog-eat-alligator kinda world.

Sony's initial response to Tokyo Jungle was "bad"

"There weren't so many people that thought this game would sell just based on the concept."

Tokyo Jungle director Yohei Kataoka said that Sony Japan Studio's initial reaction to the zany post-apocalyptic animals-run-amok concept was "bad."

Tokyo Jungle to add Remote Play support in patch

Madcap animal survival sim Tokyo Jungle is slated to get Remote Play support in Europe and North America in an impending patch.

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida tweeted the announcement where he stated, "We are preparing for PS Vita Remote Play patch for Tokyo Jungle NA and EU versions, please wait a bit for the release timing info."

Remote Play support would allow users to stream the game running on PS3 to their Vita, so long as it's within range. This way one household member can watch something on TV while another plays Tokyo Jungle on their Vita via the PS3 running in the background.

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Tokyo Jungle review

Tokyo Jungle review

Dog eat dog eat monkey eat pig eat crocodile etc.

"This is a work of fiction. Any persons or groups named herein are entirely ficitious." Thank goodness that disclaimer appears every time this game boots up. It'll certainly save confusion next time I'm walking down the high street and spot an elephant being chased around a derelict tube train by a pack of golden retrievers wearing pink shower caps.

Welcome to the Tokyo Jungle. It is the year 20XX, whatever that means. Judging by the state of the graphics it's futuristic numerical code for 1998. The human race has been wiped out, leaving pets and zoo animals to run riot in the streets. Picture the Um Bongo advert as reimagined by George Orwell. Playing as a wide range of creatures, you get to explore this post-apocalyptic landscape, experience the primal thrill of the hunt from an animal's perspective, and find out who would win in a fight between a pig and a monkey.

Obviously, this is the best idea for a video game ever. (If it sounds like a stupid idea to you, goodbye. Perhaps you could go off and play one of those sophisticated and respectable sci-fi RPGs where you get to have lesbian sex with blue aliens before battling an ancient race of sentient robot squid monsters - a plot which seemed ridiculous enough the first time round when it was in Babylon 5.) It's basically Grand Theft Auto with lions.

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Tokyo Jungle sequel could head to Croydon

Tokyo Jungle sequel could head to Croydon

"If we were to make that, would it sell?"

What's scarier than the idea of a future without mankind in which savage animals patrol the streets? If you answered that it's a night out in Croydon, you get all the points! Instead of seeing Pomeranians square up against elephants, a future Tokyo Jungle installment could well see Tiger Tiger face-off against The Black Sheep - the game's producer is open to the idea of setting a sequel in the jewel in Surrey's crown.

Tokyo Jungle's been raising interest outside of Japan ever since it was first unveiled at 2010's Tokyo Game Show. The premise - in which packs of animals roam do a post-apocalyptic city - pretty much sums up its appeal.

The project has been brought to life thanks to Sony's PlayStation C.A.M.P - a system that auditions new developers and concepts - and has been created by Crispy's, an outfit who previously worked on PSP game MyStylist.

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Tokyo Jungle release date suggests PSN-only Western launch

Tokyo Jungle release date suggests PSN-only Western launch

UPDATE: Sony confirms, announces price.

UPDATE: Sony has updated the EU PlayStation blog confirming the information Eurogamer reported this morning - that Tokyo Jungle will launch in the West as a download-only game on 26th September. It'll cost £9.99/€12.99.

ORIGINAL STORY: Really wild survival game Tokyo Jungle has been given a Western release date of Wednesday 26th September.

That's according to the description of the title on Sony's official YouTube channel.

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New Tokyo Jungle trailer contains dinosaurs, boxing kangaroos

Sony's nature-gone-awry survival sim Tokyo Jungle has had a new trailer come out for Gamescom.

It contains velociraptors, boxing kangaroos, cats in hard hats, panda sex, Metal Gear-esque hiding under box hijinks, and evidently one ornately dressed Tosa to rule them all.

Sadly, no Western release date has been announced, despite it totally being playable at the SOE room at E3 where I called it "a refreshingly adorable apocalypse," "filled with wonder, warmth, and humour" in my Tokyo Jungle preview.

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Tokyo Jungle Preview: Welcome to Sony's Surreal Gem

I always knew Tokyo Jungle would be ridiculous. Here's a game where you play as a host of wildlife in a post-apocalyptic Japan rife with eccentric potential. Maul a chimp as a Pomeranian, hunt tigers as a pig, or play as an ostrich avoiding a gang of hungry, hungry, hippos. As good a concept as you're likely to get, but it's easy to be doubtful about the execution, and early footage that revealed it as a scrappy 2.5D platformer made the design look a little anemic. After spending 30 minutes surviving the mean streets of Shibuya, however, I'm happy to report that Tokyo Jungle isn't just dumb, stupid fun - it's also straight-up fun as well.

Tokyo Jungle begins 10 years after the fall of man. What happened isn't exactly clear, though the backstory will be fleshed out through a series of memory chips scattered throughout the land. How do animals use memory chips? If that bothers you, then you're thinking about this way too hard. Need I remind you that this is a game where elephants ride around on roller skates?

The main portion of the game is Survival Mode, wherein you choose from one of several animals to play. Each creature has their own stats determining their attack strength, defence, and stamina among other attributes.

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Tokyo Jungle confirmed for EU PSN

Tokyo Jungle confirmed for EU PSN

Mad Chihuahua vs T-Rex scrapper incoming.

Sony has announced that it will be bringing curious post-apocalyptic survival game, Tokyo Jungle, to Europe's PlayStation Network.

First announced at Tokyo Game Show last month, the game sees you picking an animal and then doing your best to make sure it survives on the mean streets of a deserted, decimated Tokyo.

What this essentially amounts to is an opportunity to set various animals against each other in a series of ludicrous battles. Elephant vs porcupine, ostrich vs chicken, elephant vs monkey... take your pick.

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Tokyo Jungle

Animal attraction.

In the top left corner of a screen is a giant percentage counter. It is counting down from 100. I have no idea why. In the bottom left corner is a mini-map with glowing yellow and blue dots. I have no idea what these represent. In the bottom right corner is a calorie counter, a picture of a chicken and the number 3. No idea.

Sony unveils Tokyo Jungle for PS3

Sony unveils Tokyo Jungle for PS3

Make elephants fight cheetahs, etc.

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced plans to release the best game ever made.

Titled Tokyo Jungle, it's been unveiled in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine (as read by Kotaku). The game is set in a post-apocalyptic Japan, where the human race is almost extinct and animals have reclaimed the planet.

That's right, "elephants, crocodiles, cheetahs, porcupines, chickens, ostriches" and many more are running wild and roaming the streets. The best bit is you can control them and MAKE THEM FIGHT EACH OTHER. Yes, it's Afrika meets Fallout 3.

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