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Tokyo Jungle sequel could head to Croydon

"If we were to make that, would it sell?"

What's scarier than the idea of a future without mankind in which savage animals patrol the streets? If you answered that it's a night out in Croydon, you get all the points! Instead of seeing Pomeranians square up against elephants, a future Tokyo Jungle installment could well see Tiger Tiger face-off against The Black Sheep - the game's producer is open to the idea of setting a sequel in the jewel in Surrey's crown.

Tokyo Jungle's been raising interest outside of Japan ever since it was first unveiled at 2010's Tokyo Game Show. The premise - in which packs of animals roam do a post-apocalyptic city - pretty much sums up its appeal.

Is this our first look at a PS4 game?

The project has been brought to life thanks to Sony's PlayStation C.A.M.P - a system that auditions new developers and concepts - and has been created by Crispy's, an outfit who previously worked on PSP game MyStylist.

Following its unveiling at the Tokyo Game Show it's earned a strong following outside of Japan that's included Ellie, who's currently stamping on the faces of wild Pomeranians (and in the game!) in order to bring you a review. That following helped see the production through to completion, despite a sometimes mixed response from senior Sony members.

Could it gain a following big enough to warrant a sequel? Given the game's warm reception in the UK, Eurogamer asked Yohei Kataoka whether any follow-up could find move its setting to England - and suggested that Croydon would make an ideal backdrop.

"If we were to make that, would it sell?" Kataoka replied, before being assured by everybody in the room that they would buy a copy. "Then yes," he said, thus condemning himself to a trip to the dark heart of Croydon on a Saturday night in the name of research.

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