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Tokyo Jungle to add Remote Play support in patch

The beast unleashed.

Madcap animal survival sim Tokyo Jungle is slated to get Remote Play support in Europe and North America in an impending patch.

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida tweeted the announcement where he stated, "We are preparing for PS Vita Remote Play patch for Tokyo Jungle NA and EU versions, please wait a bit for the release timing info."

Remote Play support would allow users to stream the game running on PS3 to their Vita, so long as it's within range. This way one household member can watch something on TV while another plays Tokyo Jungle on their Vita via the PS3 running in the background.

Having more options of ways to play Tokyo Jungle is something we can get behind. Our Ellie Gibson has been raving about the game for ages and recently gave it a shining 9/10 in her review where she stated, "Tokyo Jungle is a celebration of classic games, with their ridiculous plots, repetitive tasks, excessive violence and all. It pulls off the impressive and nigh-on impossible trick of being an original homage."

"Also it lets you set a giraffe on a bear."

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