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PlayStation Store opens on Amazon.co.uk

How do the prices compare?

Amazon has launched its own version of the PlayStation Store, which will sell you digital game codes for full games, Season Passes and DLC.

You can also buy PlayStation Store top-up cards and nab codes to renew your PlayStation Plus subscription.

So how do the prices compare? Amazon is currently matching Sony's own prices to the penny - PSN games like Tokyo Jungle and The Unfinished Swan are £9.99 from both locations, while Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is £11.99 and Hotline Miami is £6.49.

Amazon first launched a PlayStation digital store in the US last month. Over there it launched with a number of promotions to differentiate itself from Sony's own offering - although it doesn't look like any sales are currently running in the UK.

Still, the presence of another place to buy digital game codes can only help drive competition - especially as the number of places to buy boxed games shrinks with every closed high street chain.