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Molyneux's next game Curiosity dated, detailed for iOS, Android and PC

Game out in August, what's at centre 'so amazing I think it will appear on news reports,' says Molyneux.

New details and a release date have emerged for Peter Molyneux and 22 Can's first game Curiosity, with the experimental title coming to iOS, Android and PC on August 22.

Molyneux revealed more details on Curiosity - his first project since leaving his post as creative director at Microsoft Game Studios - during a packed session at indie and PC game show Rezzed in Brighton. Curiosity has players chipping away at a cube that's formed of 60 million different cubes, attempting to uncover the mystery that's at its core - a mystery that Molyneux said, with a knowing smile, "is so valuable, and so life-changingly important."

"It's so amazing I think it will appear on news reports," Molyneux said elsewhere in the presentation, "though it's not a dead cat, by the way."

Curiosity can support up to a million players chipping away at its block at any one time, and only one person will be able to unlock the mystery at its core. Famously, Curiosity will support microtransactions, with pickaxes available for 50 cents and a diamond pickaxe available for 50 thousand dollars - a move Molyneux defended during his talk, saying it's "nothing to be ashamed of."