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Mighty Switch Force HD makes the switch to Wii U

Bandit busting comes to the big screen.

Mighty Switch Force HD is slated to be one of the first downloadable games for Wii U, developer WayForward - of Bloodrayne: Betrayal fame - has announced.

Creative director Matt Bozon revealed the impending remake in an interview with Nintendo Power. "We've really enjoyed developing for Nintendo's download services and really want to be there for the Wii U launch," he said.

Bozon explained that the Wii U version will have all new graphics similar to the hand-drawn artwork in the studio's A Boy and His Blob remake on Wii. The HD rendition will include the "bonus incidents" and retry options added to the 3DS game. There may be new content too, if time permits.

"We're having a tough time putting our pencils down, so we may end up adding even more features before we're done. I guess we'll have to wait and see what's possible before launch!" said Bozon.

As far as unique features go, The Wii U iteration will use the GamePad's screen as a map, much like the 3DS' lower screen on the handheld. There will be an option to play the game entirely on the GamePad, too, in which case an on-screen compass points the way. "While this is admittedly not a groundbreaking use of the second screen, it does give the player a few very handy options," Bozon explained.

He acknowledged that not everyone will like the flashier art, but promised the studio has more pixel-based games on the way too, as well as more downloadable titles for 3DS and Wii U.

Christian Donlan was quite fond of the source material, awarding it an 8/10 in our official Mighty Switch Force review where he said, "If you have the speedrunning bug, be warned: Mighty Switch Force's taunting clockwork worlds are going to be a dangerous, and possibly fairly maddening, compulsion. Even if you don't, this is still clever, personable, and beautifully made."