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Runes of Magic to expand in September

New Elven race, zones and questing.

Frogster's free-to-play MMO Runes of Magic is to expand this September with an update called Chapter II - The Elven Prophecy.

As you might expect, this will introduce Elves as a playable race, along with new regions to explore - include an Elven island off the shore of Ravenfell - and "lots" of new questing concentrating on the Elves' backstory.

Runes of Magic has never been shy of comparisons with World of Warcraft, so it won't be much of a surprise to learn that its Elves dwell in pretty autumnal forests that look like WOW's Eversong Woods, and find themselves facing off against ancient racial enemies the Naga.

Runes of Magic launched in March this year and we thought it was okay, actually. It's amassed over a million registered users to date.

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