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Runes of Magic suspends users for exploit

Users get upset at lack of communication.

German publisher Frogster has suspended a number of Runes of Magic players for seven days pending investigations into "exploiting".

Frogster, however, will not say what the investigations are for specifically, nor how many people have been locked out of the free-to-play, micro-transaction-powered MMO. Those caught in the net have been similarly left in the dark.

"We had to suspend accounts for an investigation because we had a case of exploiting," a spokesperson for Frogster told Eurogamer. "Since the investigation is an ongoing process I cannot give out too many information at the moment. We will release a more detailed statement during the next days.

"At the moment we are checking thoroughly how far every user is involved in this case of exploiting," the spokesperson added, assuring us users haven't been banned "randomly".

Interestingly, while suspended users cannot enter the world of Runes of Magic, they can continue to spend real money on diamonds - an in-game Item Shop currency.

The result of these bans is unrest among the Runes of Magic populace, illustrated by a 72-page to-and-fro between customer and company on the official forums.

The disquiet revolves around lack of communication, which the vocal members of the community feel is harming the reputation of Frogster and game.

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