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Capcom updates BC Rearmed

Trophies, rejigged difficulty, squirrels.

Capcom has announced that it plans to update the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade versions of Bionic Commando Rearmed in response to feedback.

Judging by the change-list, said feedback mostly consisted of "where are the sodding Trophies" and "this is too hard you unimaginable bastards".

According to the Capcom Unity blog, Trophies will be added on PSN, and Easy and Normal difficulty levels have been rejigged quite a bit.

Now when you die, for example, you respawn at the last solid ground you stood on, or at the last checkpoint. "Say it with me now.... 'Unlimited Lives'," says the blog.

You'll also be able to reel out your grapple arm line if you latch onto something and realise the line is too short, and if you swing into a wall you no longer bounce off it and fall to your death - you just bounce and then reel in.

There are also a couple of bug-fixes, and Capcom's quick to note that the Hard and Super Hard difficulty levels remain untouched.

There's no word on an update for the PC version, or indeed when the above patch will be released, but the Capcom Unity wording suggests a free "title update" rather than a premium downloadable content pack.