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E3: Report: APB still heading to 360

Despite no mention in EA release.

APB is still on its way to Xbox 360 as well as PC, despite EA only announcing that it will be publishing the game for "PC in early 2010" at its press conference.

That's according to Team Xbox, who managed to get hold of a spokesperson for the project last night, who said: "We're not giving details out at the moment, but it is being developed for Xbox 360."

Eurogamer MMO is speaking to Realtime Worlds' Dave Jones later this week, so we'll have more on the game then, along with clarification of that platforms issue, hopefully. In the meantime, why not watch the first episode of the APB video podcast, which reveals that Realtime's office carpet is no better than ours.

Or, rather more exciting, there's the APB E3 trailer over on Eurogamer TV.