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Halo: Reach may employ Natal tech

Absolutely could, says Bungie president.

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Halo 3: ODST may have nothing to do with Microsoft's Project Natal, but Bungie president Harold Ryan reckons there's scope for overlap in a certain future game.

"I absolutely think Reach could be enabled with it," he told Seattle Times columnist Brier Dudley, although if he went any further than that there's no mention of it.

Bungie was apparently among the studios to receive an early look at Project Natal, which was unveiled at E3 - the point at which Xbox boss Don Mattrick said development kits were starting to roll out to developers.

Speaking at E3, Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer said Epic Games had also been among those given a sneak peak.

Halo: Reach is due out in autumn 2010 for Xbox 360, presumably around a year after Halo 3: ODST, which drops (guffaw!) on 22nd September 2009. We would.

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