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No Aliens: Colonial Marines this year

But Gearbox is still working on it.

Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford has confirmed that shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines will not arrive this year.

Publisher SEGA said as much when announcing Aliens vs. Predator, which will be the first of the Aliens trio (Colonial Marines, Obsidian RPG, AVP) to see the light of day in early 2010.

SEGA announced an Aliens FPS (Colonial Marines) and RPG (by developer Obsidian) shortly after signing the Aliens franchise from 20th Century Fox in December 2006.

The solidity of either project has been questionable. Colonial Marines remains the more tangible, having been promised a "late 2008" release before being pushed into 2009 and now 2010. The Aliens RPG, on the other hand, still has no official name nor details.

Both Gearbox and Obsidian are, and have been, busy working on other major titles. Obsidian is making spy RPG Alpha Protocol for SEGA, which is due on PC, PS3 and 360 this October.

Gearbox has delivered Samba de Amigo on Wii and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway on PC, PS3 and 360, and is working on meaty openworld shooter Borderlands for PC, PS3 and 360. Furthermore, Pitchford says Gearbox is working on another two unannounced projects. Busy bees.

Aliens vs. Predator, incidentally, is being made by original AVP team Rebellion. Catch-up with the E3 content over on our AVP gamepages.