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Pandora music "possible" on Xbox 360

Last.fm-like service eager to join in.

Internet radio and music recommendation service Pandora is eager to be integrated on Xbox 360 like rival Last.fm, which launches on Live this autumn.

"We'd love to include game consoles like the Xbox 360 as part of this story at Pandora," company bigwig Jessica Steel told Joystiq. "It is technically possible, and we're glad that our listeners are helping us with that effort by making their preferences known."

Pandora plays users similar-sounding music to the song they have just listened to, based on complex calculations that take into account over 400 attributes including rhythm, syncopation, key, tonality, vocal harmonies and more.

Microsoft announced the Xbox Live integration of Last.fm, Twitter and Facebook during the platform-holder keynote at E3.

The full services will be free to all Gold subscribers this autumn.