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THQ's Rocket Riot for XBLA next Wed

Bonkers 2D shmup for eight people.

THQ plans to release hectic multiplayer shooter Rocket Riot on Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday 17th June.

Characters have rocket boosters instead of legs and fly around blowing each other and just about anything to pieces. A maximum of eight friends can duke it out online, and be anything from pirates to ninjas to soldiers to bananas to American footballers and more.

Although pixellated and 2D, Rocket Riot clearly uses modern tech with an eye for retro styling. Characters and environments have a 3D depth to them, and the action is as coherent as it is fast and furious.

This is best illustrated by a recent Rocket Riot video or, to a lesser degree, in the first batch of screenshots.

We're checking on a price, and we'll bring you our thoughts when we can.