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"Yes you can," EA tells President Obama

Should have called it EA Sports Baracktive.

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has challenged Barack Obama to give EA Sports Active a go.

Around a week ago, you may recall, Obama mentioned videogames in a speech on taking responsibility for our own health. " It means going for a run or hitting the gym, and raising our children to step away from the videogames and spend more time playing outside," he said.

Now, in a post on his blog, Moore has applauded the sentiment but issued Admiral Obama with a challenge.

"It may be time for the President and his family to put their Wii to good use and fire up the 30-Day Challenge with EA Sports Active," he wrote. "This is a "game" even the President may not want to "step away" from.

Moore said he's "excited about what EA Sports Active is bringing to the world of physical fitness and the way it is changing people’s lives in the process - whether you’re someone who hasn’t broken a sweat in 10 years or someone who hits the gym six days a week.

"In fact, I know he’s in pretty good shape, but I guarantee the President wouldn’t look quite so smooth walking across the White House lawn to Marine One the morning after his first session with EA Sports Active (especially if he does those pesky lunges)!"

You might think Obama would be too busy dealing with America's struggling economy, the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and the perpetual threat of Cylon invasion to do much lunging, but that hasn't put off Moore.

"Mr. President, here is my challenge to you: Try EA Sports Active and I guarantee you'll need aides saying "Yes You Can!" to finish your first workout."

EA Sports Active is out now, priced at 8/10.