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Doom iPhone submission next month

Carmack says it's going very well.

Id Software coding supremo John Carmack has said work is going well on Doom Classic for iPhone and he wants to submit it to the App Store next month.

"With the speed (a solid 30 fps, even in the more aggressive later levels), the audio, the resolution, and the rendering quality, it is Doom as you remember it, which is quite a bit better than it actually was," he writes on id's website.

"The initial release will be for OS 2.x, and support multiplayer over Wi-Fi. A later release will be for 3.x only, and support bluetooth multiplayer. I looked into the possibility of 3G multiplayer, but the latencies just aren't good enough."

Carmack has previously produced Wolfenstein 3D for iPhone, which he wrote about at length in March, and he says he's learned a lot from that experience.

As ever, the Doom Classic account is a mixture of anecdotes and observations about development, and a lot of stuff you simply won't understand unless you've got a bit of experience in that department. And also as ever, it's fascinating stuff.