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Madballs return in summer XBLA game

Squidgy toy-heads from 1980s.

Developer Plybrains wants to resurrect 1980s phenomena Madballs on Xbox Live Arcade.

Madballs were baseball-sized, grotesque monster-heads made out of what might as well have been marshmallows. We had a few. Did they squirt water? I can't remember.

The game, Madballs in... Babo: Invasion, arrives this summer and shoves Oculus Orbus and Cyclops into an arena for a fight. They were popular characters and they will have special powers like ramming and spins and slashes and that sort of thing.

There's multiplayer for up to 16 people and, interestingly, the option to import Xbox Live Avatars for some arena-based shooter combat. Maps can be made by players, too.

Presumably more characters will be added if the clumsily named game proves successful.

There's no word on price, but we do have a couple of concept-to-game shots to stare at.