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Ubisoft details Your Shape

Real-time angle measurements.

Ubisoft has released more details on Wii fitness game Your Shape, which uses - and bundles - a camera peripheral and was unveiled at E3.

First you stand in front of the camera to be scanned into the game. Your Shape then shows your actual shape and body on-screen. The benefit of being scanned is in assessing exercise form, or how strictly you stick to the guidelines. Angles are assessed in real time and feedback given.

There will be an enormous range of exercises, according to Ubisoft, ranging from familiar gym moves to mini-games, where blobs need dodging or punching. Routines and programmes can be set-up and stuck to (or not - oh look, the pub!), and there's a choice of strengthening, toning or slimming individual body parts.

The E3 video demonstration looks quite impressive. Nice, er, angles.

Ubisoft hasn't said anything about converting Your Shape to PS3 or Xbox 360, both of which have camera peripherals.

Your Shape is due out exclusively on Wii this autumn.