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E3: Molyneux reveal during MS conf?

Lionhead promises "a big presentation".

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Lionhead has promised "a big presentation" during the Microsoft E3 conference, which runs on Monday, 1st June from 6.30pm UK time (BST). And we'll be reporting live from the event, remember.

"Lionhead is off to LA for this year's E3 and will give a big presentation at the Microsoft press conference on Monday! Watch this space," reads the company's Twitter.

This, we presume, will be the next project Peter Molyneux has been trailing. After all, he told us he had something ready to show when we talked to him at GDC, but that the revelation date was out of his hands.

"Two things need to happen before we can tell the world," he told us. "Microsoft has to see the sense in what we're doing, and we've got to absolutely have something to show you. This is the rule now, the rule I've set myself - I will absolutely not talk about anything, any concepts or ideas, until I've got something tangible to show.

"We're almost there on the tangible thing, and we've been showing it round internally. It's probably the best reaction I've ever seen to anything I've done.

"I would show you now if it was up to me. Right this second, on that TV there," he added.

Peter went on to describe the project as "insanely simple" and is puzzled why he took so long to conjure the idea. The Lionhead boss has also called the game "ridiculously ambitious" and likened its creation to a "scientific achievement".

A lot to live up to, but Molyneux promised that Fable II would cement his reputation which, thankfully, it did - and with flying colours.

He may simply be barking mad. Oh hound could we say that? We'd better paws and reconsider. Phew, we're Rover the worst of it now. [Cut it out or I'll rrrruff you up. - Ed]

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