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Final WAR Call to Arms event dated

Rise of the Tomb Kings next week.

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GOA has announced that the final Warhammer Online Call to Arms live event Rise of the Tomb Kings will begin next Wednesday, 17th June.

In it, forces of Order and Destruction will make airships and transport players to the Land of the Dead, have a fight and the winner gain access to new dungeon Tomb Kings - the biggest in WAR, with appropriate mountains of loot.

The event closes on Wednesday, 24th June.

Exclusive titles "Sky Captain" for Order and "Master of the Air" for Destruction will be handed out to key players. Dedicated (read: lonely) players might also get the Ravening Cloak, which is ultra rare maybe has a fetching rat pattern on.

The Call to Arms live expansion has been made up of live events, big patches and the introduction of a new zone and PvP dungeon. Mythic plans more of these in the hope of restoring the population of WAR.

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