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E3: Konami demos new MGS PSP

Peace Walker out in 2010.

Konami has unveiled Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker at the Sony conference, with Hideo Kojima revealing that he's writing the script and producing, before promising to take advantage of all the PSP's features.

In a lengthy in-game trailer, we were shown Big Boss skulking around beaches and villages in a South American country where an "army without a country" is trying, as ever, to get some much-anticipated Outer Heaven action.

At one stage the trailer asked, "Solitary infiltration?" and followed it up with a shot of four Big Bosses on-screen at once, staring up at a Metal Gear. In the obligatory post-credits joke bit, one of them walked along and whipped out a cardboard box behind an enemy's back - only to be joined in the box by another. The question mark above the cautious guard's head was more appropriate than ever.

"I think the PSP's getting really hotter, and Snake is coming back on the PSP. The title is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The PSP Peace Walker, the setting is 10 years after Metal Gear Solid 3 - it's the 1970s - so I can say this is a true of the Metal Gear franchise. Let me emphasise the fact that I'll be deeply involved in this title, writing the script and producing at the same time," Kojima said through a translator.

"Not to mention the main team of Metal Gear Solid 4 will be involved, so it's not a spin-off or a side title. And since it's on the PSP, I will not forget to add all the features and the specs the PSP offers."