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Kojima will never be completely satisfied

Would give up making games if he was.

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Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima will never be completely satisfied by the games he makes.

But the Japanese developer legend has insisted he wouldn't have it any other way. If he were completely satisfied, he would give up making games.

"First of all, I've never created something that completely satisfies me," he told Eurogamer sister site

"I don't think that, even as technology continues to improve, I will ever be able to create something that completely satisfies me.

"Creating something is about turning impossible things into possible things, things you want to be able to do. If it gets to the point where I'm able to create anything I want, I'll probably stop making video games."

Video game visuals have progressed so far, Kojima said, that game creators now face the same problem comedy icon Charlie Chaplin faced when leaving silent film behind.

"With recent technology there's more capability for expression in games," Kojima said.

"We are able to put in more cultural differences from each country, racial differences. So we're facing a similar situation to that which faced Charlie Chaplin. He didn't need words to express himself in his movies but suddenly he had to include words in order to stay relevant.

"With this increased capability of expression through games, I think it's a matter of learning how to use it.

"Before, when Japanese game directors used Japanese settings, like Tokyo, there was no cultural barrier to the rest of the world because the technology meant that you couldn't tell whether it was Japan or anywhere else. Now it is possible, so it becomes more difficult. Instead of using Japanese settings, games have to become more Hollywood."

Kojima, who is Vice President of Konami Digital Entertainment, is overseeing development of Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D and Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

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