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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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E3: Resident Evil coming to PSP

Brand new story on handheld.

Resident Evil is coming to PSP for the very first time (ignoring the Resident Evil: Degeneration UMD, smartarse). Expect a nasty infection to crop up sometime in 2010.

Should bring a whole new level of fear to that already lurking in your murky pockets. It's a totally new title, too, no remixes, rehashes, reboots or re-imaginings, which are all words we hate. Characters and location remain a bit of a mystery.

It was a relatively brief mention in the PSP heavy first section of Sony's conference speech, with Jack Tretton mentioning it in an almost casual aside. Perhaps it's a response to the petition put together by Resi fans for Capcom bosses way back in 2007, when organisers were told that over 10,000 signatures would be required to "attract significant attention".