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E3: Epic has "something new to announce"

Rein has been busy in preparation.

Mark Rein has told Eurogamer that Epic Games has "something new to announce at E3".

"Yes we will have something new to announce at E3," said Rein, before apologising that he couldn't say anything more until the event. "And I'm looking forward to seeing the show back to its former glory."

Epic Games is currently working on Gears of War 2 expansion Dark Corners, which will be released worldwide on 28th July.

That, presumably, is well under way, if not finished - and for a developer of Epic's size that means lots of twiddling thumbs - unless they've been busy making something else.

We may hear more this afternoon, as Microsoft kicks E3 into life with the first of the three platform-holder conferences. Join us at 6.25pm BST / 10.25am PST for our live coverage. It'll be hard to miss.