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Fat Princess out in June

PS3 Ghostbusters demo post-E3.

Sony has announced via the European PlayStation blog that gluttonous PSN game Fat Princess will be out in late June. Crumbs!

The blog also tells us there will be a Ghostbusters PS3 demo released "soon after E3", plus gives an early June date to Trash Panic and late June date to Numblast. Trash Panic was supposed to be out last Thursday, so we expect a belated launch this week.

The final announcement on the blog is that PSP games Ape Academy 2, Everybody's Golf 2, Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow and WipEout Pulse Platinum will all be offered as digital downloads from the PlayStation Store during the first two weeks of June.

Fat Princess is a colourful and relentlessly fun squad-based RTS, where players need to work together to rescue the greedy princess who has been stuffing her fat chops with cake. You won't be the only one after her, however, which makes for an exceedingly good slice of multiplayer mayhem. We're impressed, as our hands-on impressions point out.

Trash Panic, on the other hand, is the Tetris-like puzzle game where players must arrange falling items of rubbish to dispose of them before their bin overflows, and Numblast is a PS3 and PSP puzzler where numbers need arranging in a grid to earn the big scores.